Hearing Loss Treatment

Depending on the underlying cause of the impaired hearing, the disorder is treated by a drug therapy or by providing a high-performance hearing aid. There are for one thing traditional hearing aids which are worn behind the ear or in the ear canal. However, it should always be taken into consideration to use a bone-anchored or implantable hearing device.

We have meanwhile gained comprehensive experience in many years and we have achieved good results in the use of cochlea implants for patients suffering from a severe hearing impairment. Thanks to sophisticated microelectronics and direct nerve stimulation, these devices are suitable to restore the hearing.

With modern ENT medicine having achieved such a high performance level in the treatment of hearing impairments, we may say that today almost no one is any longer compelled to live without hearing.

Compliance with the Hearing Aid

The adequate fitting of a hearing aid according to the patient’s needs generally requires several successive adjustment stages. To achieve the best setting it is very important that the patient wears the hearing device regularly and is willing to get actively involved in the process (compliance). Experience shows that the earlier the patient is provided with a hearing aid the better is the compliance. Older people, however, who have already suffered from a hearing loss for several years, often do not cope so well with a hearing aid.

Modern hearing devices have various features for adjustments, are digitally programmable and can even mask tinnitus sounds. Small devices fixed in the inner ear are more likely to be accepted than visible behind-the-ear hearing aids, which have, however, some advantages: they are easier to handle than the small devices fitted inside the ear and infections are less frequent compared to in-the-canal hearing aids.

For the abovementioned reasons, it is very important to give the patients affected by a hearing loss thorough advice and information in a talk to favour the acceptance of a hearing aid.

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