Virtual Nose Laboratory - Nasal Surgery Simulation

Virtual Nose Laboratory - Nasal Surgery Simulation


Would you like a different nose?

Send simply two photographies of your face to our virtual nose laboratory. You will receive a simulation, which will show you what your nose could look like after a surgical correction.

Nose Laboratory

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ENT Surgery in Munich

On these pages we’d like to present you our medical care concerning ear, nose and throat disorders.
Some major specialty areas are stressed and described more thoroughly in the section “Medical Fields”. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to use our “Virtual nose laboratory” in order to explore the opportunities of modern nose reshaping surgery.

In any case a talk between the surgeon and the patient must precede any medical treatment. The general information provided on these pages shall not be deemed to replace a personal conversation between the patient and the surgeon.

Among other medical institutions in Munich, providing ENT surgery, the Otorhinolaryngology Department of the “Großhadern” LMU University Hospital, headed by Prof. Dr. Alexander Berghaus, offers a wide range of high level medical services even for serious health problems concerning the surgery fields: face, nose, sinuses,skull base, oral cavity, throat, larynx, neck, salivary glands and ears, including middle ear and inner ear.

Most of our patients, suffering from disorders concerning the nose, the ears or other organs within the ENT specialty area, are Munich residents. Yet, some of them join us from other regions of Germany, too. Frequently, there are even patients coming from other European countries and from all over the world.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Berghaus delivers regularly lectures on therapy methods applied by the Munich University ENT Clinic. Frequently, he is also invited to national and international congresses for presentations and surgical demonstrations. He pursues moreover continuous research and provides professional training in the fields of ear, nose and throat surgery and facial plastic surgery.

We will be happy to be your interlocutor for any ENT disorder. We are looking forward to receiving your message and to having a personal conversation about your health problems or about a nose reshaping surgery.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Berghaus