Revision surgery after a failed otoplasty

Unfortunately, in otoplasty surgical techniques involving a deep incision or even a partial excision of the ear cartilage are still used. This can cause permanent ugly deformities of the ear, such as sharp or jagged edges. These deformities may be perceived by the patient more embarrassing than the initial deformity before the operation, notably if aggressive incision or scoring techniques have been used.

It is very difficult to correct such deformities. However, it is not impossible. Prof. Dr. Berghaus has gained a lot of experience over many years and developed methods which enable him to repair even severe disfigurements of the ear due to the use of “aggressive” techniques in ear pinning surgery.

Typical Conditions After a Failed Conchal Setback

Frequent deformities caused by an inaccurately performed otoplasty are asymmetry, overcorrection, “Telephone Ear” deformity (protruding earlobe and upper third of the helix due to overcorrection) as well as the development of sharp edges and bends. The ear may also shrink due to the removal of cartilage. In some cases, the excessive resection of postauricular skin may cause a decrease of the postauricular sulcus.

Available Correction Methods

The choice of the appropriate repair method depends on the character of the existing deformity. Unpleasant sharp edges and bends can be corrected, for example, by a repeat suture of the cartilage edges and a subsequent revision otoplasty with suture techniques. If there are cartilage defects, a pleasant appearance of the ear can be achieved by using a made-to-measure implant made from porous polyethylene or a small cartilage transplant.

In recent years, Prof. Dr. Berghaus has successfully performed many revision surgeries in severe cases of ear deformities due to a failed otoplasty as described above. A repeated correction surgery was seldom necessary.

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