Septoplasty in Munich

A deformity of the septum (septum deviation) is in most of the cases a congenital disorder, but it may also have traumatic causes. With a congenital septum deviation typically narrowing one nasal airway more than the other, the nasal breathing is often significantly impaired on one side. The septoplasty performed in our clinic in Munich helps improve the nose function, notably the nasal breathing, for a better quality of life.

Deviated Septum Surgery (septoplasty)

To correct the septal deformity the bony and cartilaginous framework of the nose is first exposed and then reshaped to restore the symmetrical anatomy of the nose in order to eliminate the narrowing of the nasal airway.

In a septoplasty cuts are generally carried out inside the nostrils to expose the bony and cartilaginous framework of the nose. The incisions normally do not leave any visible scars (endonasal approach). However, if there is a serious problem, for example the repair of a big septal perforation, a well-hidden cut in the nasal columella may be necessary (“open” rhinoplasty).

The mucous membrane is then again fixed to the nasal framework by an absorbable suture. For some days, silicone foils are applied to stabilize the septum in the central position.

Septoplasty Aftercare

Only in exceptional cases it is necessary to resort to a nasal packing. The tiny silicone tubes inserted after the surgical repositioning of the septum shall help keep the septum in its new position and enable the patient to breathe through the nose immediately after the surgery. The silicone tubes are removed three days after the septoplasty. Generally, the patient recovers from the surgical intervention within about two weeks. During this recovery period postoperative care may be necessary, including the drainage and cleaning of the nose and the use of nasal sprays or similar products.

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Virtual Nose Laboratory - Nasal Surgery Simulation


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