Nose Laboratory

If you would like to see what you would look like with a different nose, don’t hesitate to use our virtual nose laboratory.

nose laboratory frontnose laboratory side

Send us simply 1 photograph of your face (front view or side view). We will send you back the digitally manipulated picture, showing a virtual nose job.

Please note:

The better the resolution and the exposure of your photograph is, the more precise and accurate will be our virtual simulation. The background should be single-coloured, rather than consist of multicolour wallpaper, no bookshelf or the like.

Important notice: The service of a digitally simulated nose job shall not be considered as a part of the medical consultation or treatment and does not replace a clinical evaluation, since the virtual suggestion doesn’t take into account personal circumstances. A physical examination is in any case necessary in order to proceed with a detailed evaluation and assessment of the patient’s situation. For this reason the nose job suggestion doesn’t constitute a guarantee of certain surgery results. It is merely an outlook based on a subjective evaluation and a theoretical assessment according to the photographs provided by an interested person. The real outcome of the rhinoplasty may differ from the virtual nose job. The simulated proposal does in no way imply an advice to undergo a surgery or not. Please call the number (089) 954574670 in order to fix a personal appointment.

We assure that we won’t forward neither your digitally manipulated picture nor your personal data to any third party.

Currently, the digitally manipulated picture is sent back within a period of 6 days.

This service is free of charge and unbinding.

Please click hereunder, if you would like to make use of our virtual service.


Please make sure that the picture has a minimum size of 500kb.

Please note that in case of a faulse email address we can't send you any pictures.


As in the previous years, Professor Berghaus has again been honored with the award "Top-Mediziner" for nasal corrections by the "FOCUS" magazine.